Hi, I'm Zaki! Here's where you can find me for classes, upcoming performances and learn more about me and my work.

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I am also available for 1-on-1s upon request.

Aerial Hoop & Flying Pole

Airflow Academy, Sundays

Malden Hall, NW5 4HD


10.45 - 11.55am: Beg Hoop

12.05 - 1.15pm: Int Hoop

1.25 - 2.40pm: Beg Open Flying Pole

2.50 - 4.05pm: Int Open Flying Pole

Aerial Hoop & Spinning Pole

Ultimate Pole, Tue & Thu


Tuesdays / Spinning Pole

6 - 7pm: Open Int

7.05 - 8.05pm: Beg to Int

8.10 - 9.10pm: Beg

Thursdays / Hoop

1.40 - 2.40pm : Open

2.45 - 3.45pm: Int /Adv

Barre Videos on Demand for you to follow along at home!


Work with Me!

I am currently developing my practice in various interdisciplinary fields. Looking to book me for a performance, work on some skills, or perhaps looking for some act creation work? Reach out!