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Multi-Disciplinary Creative /

Performance Artist / Circus + Pole



I am a multi-disciplinary creative, performance artist, circus performer and pole dancer pulling from a wide background of movement, design and narrative storytelling. Originally from Singapore, I am currently based in London.


I hold an MA in Speculative Design and have personal research interests in The Digital Spirit and Queer Futures. My current research focuses on merging technology with performance, examining our spiritual relationship with technology.


have performed and coached movement globally for the past 9 years, and am well-established within the cabaret scene. With a passion for act creation, I am always developing unique performances through my personal lens.


I offer a strong distinctive identity on a wide range of aerial disciplines, including the aerial pole, hoop and silks.

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Zaki is a beacon of light, dominating the stage both with silks and the flying pole. His timing is flawless, and his delivery is impeccable.


Zaki Musa’s gender-being pole routine deserves a special mention as a stand-out section:
Alluring, graceful, challenging of conceptions.


“Circus cabaret for the 21st century”

 Zaki Musa’s flying pole, in which he strips to a sequinned thong for an elegant pole dance, PVC platform heels squeaking against the metal, seems to fit that bill.

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