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Multi-Disciplinary Creative /

Performance Artist / Circus + Pole



Hello! I am a multi-disciplinary creative, performance artist, circus performer and pole dancer with a passion for movement, design and narrative storytelling.


Originally hailing from Singapore, I am now based in London, where I have spent the past 9 years captivating audiences worldwide through my performances and coaching.




My artistic journey encompasses 2 primary strands, both unified by the themes of Digital Spirituality and Queer Futurism.

In my current artistic practice, I delve into the profound relationship between technology and our daily rituals, exploring the spiritual dimensions of our connection with technology.


Within my commercial and cabaret ventures, I find immense joy in harnessing the power of queerness as a captivating spectacle, intertwined with the vast realm of technological futures. By crafting narratives and visual experience within a 'neutral' metaverse, I aim to create though-provoking and visually stunning performances.


Within the circus industry, I specialise in a wide range of aerial disciplines, including the mesmerising aerial pole, hoop and silks. As a specialist and technician, I thrive in the creation of unique acts and fluid movement, bringing a touch of magic to the circus arena.

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Zaki is a beacon of light, dominating the stage both with silks and the flying pole. His timing is flawless, and his delivery is impeccable.


Zaki Musa’s gender-being pole routine deserves a special mention as a stand-out section:
Alluring, graceful, challenging of conceptions.


“Circus cabaret for the 21st century”

 Zaki Musa’s flying pole, in which he strips to a sequinned thong for an elegant pole dance, PVC platform heels squeaking against the metal, seems to fit that bill.

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