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Read more about my artistic practice: exploring our queer futures

and spiritual relationship with technology.



Initial experimentation in collaboration with PROTO


Belonging in the Metaverse is an ongoing exploration into digital realities and the metaphysical realm. What does it mean to traverse a cyber-astral plane and how do we navigate through our digital spirit?

The project aims to blend boundaries and disciplines of circus, performance and technology.


Initial experimentation done in partnership with PROTO, the first digital production facility of its kind in Europe. Early proof of concept is first of its kind to capture a 3D object moving whilst a human is interacting with it.

Working with motion capture to develop a digital avatar and identity in the Metaverse, the project also questions AI ethics and how Queer Futures are represented. Using 3D engines, it also aims to see how performance can develop in a digital era.


The Digital Spirit aims to understand our relationship with transcendent technology. How can we connect our digital selves with a higher power?


Looking at our increasingly dependent rituals with digital entities, the project seeks to investigate what happens when our mind, body and spirit merge with the omniscient machine.

From Buddhist practices, made agnostic on your phone, to algorithms designed to help you chart out your horoscope during the retrograde, we are only at the dawn of turning alternative health practices into digital rituals.


What is the essence of our Digital Spirit, and what form will it take in the future? Proposing a language for digital ritual artefacts, the dreamcatchers aim to tap into future digital craft practices.

The project was picked up by the Samsung Innovation Lab, working to predict and understand the rituals and future use of technology in our everyday lives.

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Digital Spirit 03
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< In Early Development >

Divinations 1.0 is a multi-disciplinary aerial, movement and digital exploration into craft and ritual processes that aim to seek insights to the future.

Using SOMI-1 movement sensors attached to both human and the aerial hoop, the data transmitted will be interpreted by technology to cast both light and soundscapes. which will develop a language for communication with omnipresent technology.

Divinations 1.0 is ultimately looking at the lengths at which society utilises rituals for self-soothing, and how it has incorporated technology within these ritual practices. How are these movement patterns and rituals shaped around digital culture and our devices?

The early development of this work has been commissioned and is receiving on-going support from Cambridge Junction.

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