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My name is Zaki and I am a multi-disciplinary creative practitioner and performance artist, driven by a profound fascination with identity, technology, and the art of narrative storytelling.


Originating from Singapore, my diverse background encompasses my queer, Muslim, and Indonesian heritage, which greatly influences and shapes my artistic exploration.


With a firm foundation in speculative narratives and conceptual design, I utilize circus and pole as powerful mediums to express my creative vision. Through captivating performances ranging from cabaret to contemporary circus, my work delves into themes of Queer Futurism and Digital Spirituality, garnering critical acclaim along the way.


I am honoured to be an Associate Artist with Jacksons Lane, renowned for its unwavering support of contemporary circus. In this role, I am actively developing my inquiry into the intricate relationship between circus and technology, seeking to push boundaries and create transformative experiences.


Furthermore, I am privileged to be an Associate Artist with Upswing Aerial, a contemporary circus company that brings world-class performances and outreach workshops to diverse audiences.


I also am an alumnus of Raze Collective's esteemed "Let Us Raze You" artist development program. Through this transformative experience, I honed my skills in an inclusive space to explore and create work as a queer artist in the realm of cabaret.

Notably, I have become a prominent figure in the vibrant cabaret scene, proudly collaborating with The Cocoa Butter Club and other numerous cabaret collectives. My unique blend of glamour and spectacle captivates audiences worldwide, leaving them inspired and yearning for more.

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MA Material Futures - Central St. Martins

BA Menswear - London College of Fashion

Full CV available upon request



Flying Pole, Hoop, Silks, Pole,

Dance Trapeze, Slings, Spiral 

Ballet, Barre, Frame Up (Heels), Chair



With a specialization in act creation, creative moments, seamless transitions, and graceful flow, I assist individuals in cultivating their distinct style and identity on the apparatus.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer, I offer personalized 1:1 sessions tailored to a diverse range of abilities.


Feel free to reach out to me for more information and to book your session.

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