My aerial and movement journey pulls from my diverse background and experience in dance and design, developing my own framework for both performance and coaching.


I was a competitive sailor before deciding to dive into ballet at the age of 18. I continued to diversify into multiple dance styles and aerial disciplines during a one year 'Developing Artiste Program' back home in Singapore, then proceeded to both perform and teach aerial skills before making my way to London.

I believe in continual learning and have an interdisciplinary approach, developing a personal sense of movement through incorporating complementary practices, from yoga and barre, to other functional /alignment-based training. When I am not in the air, I am also a multi-skilled design practitioner, from strategic thinking, and speculative design, to more hands-on experience in fashion, set design, 3D making, creative coding and web design.

Skills List:

- Aerial: Silks, Hoop, Aerial Pole, Pole, Dance Trapeze, Slings, Rope, Chains, Spiral ++

- Movement: Yoga, Barre, Chair

- Relevant Skills: Spinning, Act Creation, Creative Problem Solving, Design

As a performer, I look for opportunities to explore themes surrounding identity, gender and masculinity. I also pride myself in my versatility, creating and performing acts to suit a range of styles. My proudest performing credit to date is performing for artist Tsar B at the Ancienne Belgique, Belgium, and have had so many amazing experiences with a wide range of companies since. I am also most recently the 2019 Champion (Professional Open) in the UK Aerial Performance Championships.

My strength as a coach lies in the rapport I build with my students, understanding their strengths, weaknesses and aspirations, and most importantly empowering them to be the best that they can be. I have a keen focus on musicality, transitions and flow to help individuals develop their own signature style on the apparatus.

I teach across various studios in London, and also offer tailored workshops and intensives to studios. I also have 1:1 sessions where I mentor and work with a wide range of people from different ages and ability groups. I work in collaboration with aerialists, dancers and actors, to help them reach their goals - from competition preparation to act creation.

Transitions, Technique & Flow

I offer both 1:1 sessions and workshops across multiple apparatus, specially designed to help with introducing creative movement, unique transitions, dynamic tricks and spinning technique for all levels.

Drop a message if you'd like to get in a focused session with me, see how I can help, or find out more about what I have to offer.